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The success of any enterprise organization relies in part on systems and processes that allow people to communicate and collaborate effectively. Today, corporate intranets are an integral part of doing business in large organizations. These intranets help with the distribution of news and documents, support around-the-clock collaboration across physical and temporal boundaries, and enable new communication channels with partners, suppliers, and customers.

Microsoft SharePoint technologies have played a huge role in the advancement of enterprise communication and collaboration. Thousands of enterprise organizations around the world use SharePoint, to share corporate information, implement document management and workflows, publish reports, and perform other vital tasks.


Redundant, geographically dispersed data centers, benefiting from mission-critical availability and reliability

Seamless collaboration

Today’s SharePoint team site is your team’s content hub. It’s where everyone you work with both inside and outside your organization comes together in real time to get work done – creating and sharing content using the same, familiar Microsoft Office tools you use every day.

Intelligence and insights

The intelligence provided by Office Graph makes SharePoint completely unlike anything else out there. With the new SharePoint home you can stay current with all the different teams and projects you’re working on via activity feeds and recommendations based on your associations to others and the content they’re working on.

Enterprise-grade security and compliance

Today, more than ever, enterprises need a scalable solution that meets security and compliance requirements while ensuring unified policies are applied across every workload and every device. SharePoint offers best-in-class security, with more than a decade of experience building enterprise software and online services. End users get the productivity they’ve been asking for while the IT department gets the cloud security and compliance requirements they require.


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