Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS)

Help guard your data from attacks on multiple levels using innovative, identity-driven security techniques

Do you ever check your business e-mail, read company documents or schedule a business meeting when you are at home, on the road, in an eatery or in any other location? The question is almost rhetorical, as your answer will most probably be ‘yes’. Modern workers use smartphones, tablets and laptops, either for both personal use and business purposes.

The Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) promises to “keep end users productive on their favorite apps and devices, while company data are protected”. It combines three mobility themes into one suite: Identity, Mobile Device and Application Management, and Security.

enterprise mobility suite ems

Why do you need an Enterprise Mobility Suite?

Higher vulnerability to data loss

Unprotected mobile devices are not a potential but a likely risk to business security.

Unnecessary extra costs

mobile devices not operating effectively will lead to increased support calls and extra expenses.

Lack of control or no control at all

Companies will be unable to keep track of who is able or authorized to access what data

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