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Why Choose Us

Cost Effectiveness
Eliminate the cost of hardware and serial maintenance. Focus on infrastructure that delivers additional benefits. Save cost, gain value.

Determine just what you need for your business and pay for it. Avoid cost for extra space you will not use. You can grow at your own pace.

Protect your important data in the most secure platform in the world. No risk of damage or loss to your precious data.

Gain instant access to your data and files from any device anytime and anywhere!

Stay in touch with team members from various collaborative tools allowing you work without restrictions, track progress and boost productivity.

99% Uptime
You never have to worry, as your data is available to you anytime you require it. Just one click and you are in control.

Sidmach Technologies Nigeria Limited Launches Its Cloud Solution Provider Platform (CSP)
In a bid to transform lives and businesses using Technological Innovations, SIDMACH as a tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider launched its Cloud Solution platforms (CSP). The CSP platform is a fully integrated business optimized platform that enhances productivity, efficiency, storage, and ability to access important information or documents anywhere and at one’s convenience with maximum security

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